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Avoiding Business Disputes







Even the best businesses find themselves in disputes, with customers, team members, co-owners and investors. It happens. How those disputes are resolved depends on a lot of things. How clear is your contract and the arrangements you have with your team members, customers, and investors? It’s why those things are so important to handle correctly in the first place. When disputes inevitably arise, you have business decisions to make on how to handle them. 

Our decades of experience in business litigation helps us advise clients on their options, the risks, and the potential costs and benefits of each particular course of action. We know that litigation or a prolonged dispute is sometimes the worst course of action because of the cost, distraction, and potential collateral negative impact disputes can produce. We work with clients to find a pathway through disputes that minimize all of these risks and lets you get back to working on your business. 

At DJ Law, we help assess the legal risks of a situation and ensure that you follow the best steps to avoid disputes. For us, this means providing practical guidance in a way that leads our clients to the best outcome for their business. We are here to make sure that you are equipped with the right documentation and to provide options that are in line with your business's strategy. 

Disclaimer: People in the image are legal assistants of the firm. 
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