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Brand Protection

We advise new and emerging businesses in trademark and brand protection matters, providing creative and pertinent legal strategies for growing and extending your emergent brands and reputation. Your trademarks and brands are one of your most irreplaceable business assets – your image, your identity, your very name – so we defend and protect them as if they were our own.


In the modern age, brand protection means so much more than filing and enforcing trademarks and copyrights. The world is full of people creating imposter or knockoff websites and social media pages designed to harm you and your customers. It’s also full of bots working with law firms and companies looking for even the most minor excuse to file a lawsuit claiming trademark or copyright infringement or trying to have your website or social media pages taken down. 


This intense and personal approach informs all we do. We take an energetic, active role in helping maximize and grow your brand and trademark presence worldwide, and work hand in hand with your advertising/marketing agencies to strategically extend and defend brands and marks across market segments, cultures, and national boundaries. 

Our capabilities include:  

  • Trademark and Trademark Litigation 

  • Trademark Searches and Opinions 

  • Trademark Selection Advice 

  • Trademark Registration 

  • Trademark Ownership Advice 

  • Trademark Litigation 

  • Trademark Infringement 

  • Copyrights and Licensing 

  • Personal Branding 

  • Digital Assets 

  • Intellectual Property (IP) 

  • Copyright Infringement 

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