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Business Contracts

Contracts are at the heart of every business. Provisions that clarify both sides’ rights and obligations on deliverables, timing, payment, IP ownership, scope of work, termination rights, penalties for breaches, and things like confidentiality and non-solicitation clauses can be the difference between having a favorable agreement and a disastrous one.


The act of engaging in any business—providing goods or services for some form of consideration—inherently forms a contractual relationship. Every contract that you or your business enters into should be carefully drafted to make sure all of your business rights are protected and that the contract benefits your business and does not create any unnecessary burdens, costs, legal or financial liability.

Our firm specializes in the creation of business agreements and documents on a variety of topics including: 

  • Company Operating Agreement 

  • Unanimous Written Consent 

  • Shareholder Agreement 

  • Stock Option Agreement 

  • Licensing Agreement 

  • Company Bylaws 

  • Separation Agreement 

  • Articles of Incorporation 

  • Employment Contracts or Agreements 

  • IP Assignments

  • Privacy Policies and Website Terms of Use

  • Other types of independent contracts and agreements  

If you operate a business, it is critical that you have an attorney draft the contracts that you use on a regular basis because your needs and the law change over time. David Jones is an experienced business contract lawyer practicing in San Antonio who has successfully helped many clients draft and negotiate a variety of contracts. 

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