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Business Formation

At DJ Law, we understand that starting a business is a big deal: the structure you choose; whether, when, and how you bring on co-founders, team members, and investors; deciding how to structure relationships with customers and suppliers; and protecting company IP and confidential information. 


We assist entrepreneurs and business owners with forming their businesses. We counsel them on navigating the legal structure of their entity and how to maintain that structure throughout their business journey. 


Before you move forward with business formation, you’ll need to consider what type of entity is best for your infrastructure. The most common business entities include:  

  • C-Corporation

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    • Single Member Limited Liability Company 

    • Multi-Member Limited Liability Company 

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Joint Ventures (JV)

  • Non-Profit Organizations

In addition to giving advice on forming the correct type of entity, we assist with other important documents and business procedures, which includes: 

  • Legal regulations involved with operating a business 

  • File important formation documents, including company agreements, articles of incorporation, and formation certificates 

  • Build contracts appropriate for your specific business transactions 

  • Draft shareholder agreements, stock share certificates, and shareholder resolutions 

  • Assist with necessary employment paperwork such as IP assignments, employment and contractor agreements, and non-disclosure agreements 

Regardless of the type of business entity you would like to form, we can provide legal advice and ensure all the appropriate documents are drafted and filed. Our legal team understands the complexity of national and international business formations and will work hard to make things as quick and easy on you as possible. 

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